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Comprehensive Internet Billing And Bandwidth Management Solution for Satellite (VSAT) Networks

In the evolving market of telecommunications with emergence of convergent services, satellite Internet (VSAT) service providers are also evolving their operational support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) to offer high bandwidth, content rich applications and superior quality of service to subscribers. The demands of internet users are always unending and bundled with requests for advanced services, which mostly require integrations with latest technologies. In-order to serve these requests from users, satellite internet service providers are looking forward to cost-effective and end-to-end solution that offers high-end services, converged internet service billing, and pre-integrated with third party systems.

24online satellite network solution, offers comprehensive internet billing, bandwidth management and user access control features – all in single platform. 24online solution has been developed to support and cater all requirements of satellite internet access providers. 24online solution is pre-integrated with some of the famous third party systems to enable service providers to offer uncompromised quality of service and advanced features. 24online also offers the flexibility to be integrated with required third party systems using well-known technologies (e.g. web services) by which two-way communication and flexibility required for deploying with external systems can be maintained.

24online Satellite Network Authentication\Authorization\Accounting (AAA) Solution

24online’s robust AAA is highly advanced solution which offers full control of subscriber management, and bandwidth management services, including its major role of AAA functionalities. 24online’s solution for satellite networks provides comprehensive solution for mobile satellite network as well as fixed satellite networks. With the help of 24online solution, VSAT service providers can ensure fair distribution of bandwidth among their users and prevent free use of the satellite uplink. It also prevents access to unauthenticated users by enforcing captive portal capabilities for all users. 24online solution also enables satellite service providers to speedily achieve their return of investment (ROI) by launching revenue generating services and capture the market using 24online features.

24online Satellite Internet Billing Solution

24online’s internet billing solution offers pre-paid and post-paid billing options based on time, usage and days. 24online enables service providers with unified invoice for individual user as well as enterprise level group users. 24online also facilitates currency conversion option by which service providers from different countries can generate bills in their own currency rate.

24online Satellite Network Pre-Integrated Solution

24online VSAT solution is integration with its existing 24online billing, bandwidth management and AAA solution for fast-track deployment at fixed satellite network or mobile satellite networks. 24online is integrated with some of the well-known satellite equipments and offers flexibility to integrate with other vendor and integrator equipments to address the unique requirements of the satellite network users. Pre-integrated with necessary equipments and gateways for online payment process.

24online comprehensive satellite network solution offers cost-efficient and reduced cost-of-entry for Greenfield operators as well as existing satellite operators. 24online satellite solution is developed keeping in-view the evolving market of converged services with advanced services. 24online solution enables VSAT service providers with converged and next generation services with enhanced profit and revenue optimization.